Want to be a Flame Finisher?

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Want to be a Flame Finisher?

Post by Anthony on 8/3/2010, 8:59 pm

Ahh, the "Flame Finisher's" people who Finish Flames that have been deemed won.(More info)

Want to apply? Well, prove you deserve it first! (Moderators are also Flame Finishers!)

  • Have at least 20 positive 'flame points' (With the current user base, this is difficult to achieve so get advertising! More on these here.)
  • Be willing to read posts, and put time into Finishing them.
  • Show signs of Maturity, if any.

If you meet this criteria, I will personally PM you and ask if you are interested in being a Flame Finisher. (You get a nice coloured username)


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