Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by Anthony on 6/3/2010, 5:27 pm

Ahh, bummer, the flame site has rules.

Not to worry though, it's your general stuff.
  • Don't post Pr0nz. You can speak about it, don't post an image, video or direct link to it though.
  • Don't discriminate.
  • Don't encourage illegal activities. Murder, torrents, theft, necrophilia etc.
  • Don't be a pre-puber
  • Try to keep personal details to a bare minimum.
  • Don't spam, bitches.
  • Keep the flaming in the flaming section.
  • Don't take a picture of your genitals, post them on the internet, put the image on here and ask if everyone thinks your penis is "Big enough"

Failure to comply, may result in a ban after a few warning's. Depending on the severity of your actions will affect the length of ban.
You may also be named and shamed, with a description of why you were banned... In public.


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