We are looking for Moderators.

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We are looking for Moderators.

Post by Anthony on 6/3/2010, 8:16 pm

Hey, Guest

Yey! People who can delete and edit posts. Woo!

Hey guys, F.W is looking for moderators for the site. However, they must fall into a certain criteria, this will be further down the post. So here's the lowdown of what you will be able to do.

  • Edit posts
  • Delete posts
  • Move posts
  • Sticky posts
  • General moderation shizzle
  • Finish a flame. (Once an agreement has been made on a flame topic, or it gets too out of hand, Moderator's can 'Finish the Flame' and decide on the winner of the outcome)
  • More!

Sounds good, eh?
So here's the deal, and what you need, all of which are subject to change as the site grows:

  • Achieved a minimum of 20 posts
  • Have no previous banned offences
  • A bit of a sense of humour, we don't want you to be strict!
  • At least 16 years old (Self explanatory)
  • Show signs of maturity, if any at all.

And that's it! If you fall into that criteria you'll either recieve a PM or you can apply to be a moderator.
We need a total of 3 dedicated Moderators (With no pay Razz )

Also, I will pick 2 of the moderator's from their applications and activity around the site.
The 3rd will be voted by You

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